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The Vision Help Foundation, headed by Carsten Aust, is passionately committed to improving education in disadvantaged regions in the Philippines. The main goal is to offer children, young people and adults better prospects for the future through educational programs, educational scholarships and literacy programs.

Vision Help International Care Foundation

One of the foundation’s outstanding projects is the „Village of Hope“, where 120 children are taught by qualified teachers. This program enables children not only to learn basic skills such as reading and writing, but also to develop life prospects.

The Vision Help Foundation also runs literacy programs for adults, as many people in poorer regions are unable to read or write. These programs are designed to help close educational gaps and break the vicious cycle of poverty and poor education.

The Foundation recognizes the close link between poverty and education and is actively engaged in improving educational opportunities in disadvantaged communities. Vision Help Foundation’s education programs encourage people to learn and seize their opportunities.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation found creative solutions to ensure that children and youth continued to receive education, despite the challenges of distance learning. The Village of Hope was adapted to meet the needs of the students, and a separate home school program was developed.

Vision Help Foundation relies on donations and volunteers to continue its important work and provide a better future for people in disadvantaged communities.

Vision Help International Care Foundation